Absolutely simple ways to lose weight – Day 4

Avoid Processed Foods Processed foods typically have a high proportion of added sugars, added fats and calories.  Processed foods are ...
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Absolutely simple ways to lose weight – Day 3

Day 3 Tips: What is Dieting? Eating right food not fasting. Eating balanced food not less. Drink sufficient water. Never ...
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Absolutely simple ways to lose weight – Day 2

Day 2. Tips Eat Whole, Single-Ingredient Foods Some of the best things you can do to make your diet better ...
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Absolutely simple ways to lose weight

Day 1. Tips  Adding Protein to Your Diet Protein is the king of nutrients, when it comes to weight loss.  Your body consumes calories as you digest and metabolise the protein ...
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Steam Inhalation for Cold and Flu

Stream can thin mucus and you can loosen up your stuffy nose. For quicker help, pour bubbling water into a huge bowl and add ...
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Cough and Flu – Traditional Remedy

Ingredients Star anise cinnamon clove pepper long pepper dried ginger cardamom. If basil leaves are available add that also Method ...
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(Trigonella foenum-graecum) may be a plant that stands around 2–3 feet (60–90 cm) tall. It has green takes off, little white blossoms, and cases that contain little, golden-brown seeds ...
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