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DT Herbal Powder

Originated from a small town in India, this herbal product has been in the market for many years in many different forms and structures.

This herbal product is known as a “magic solution”. It helps prevent many types of diseases and also improves certain medical conditions using natural products. The product is made from Java plum / Malabar plum (scientific name Syzygium cumin), Java seeds, and Cinamon powder. Below list of benefits of this product.

  1. Lower your blood sugar
  2. Increase immune booster
  3. Defence against many dieses
  4. Increase bone calcium
  5. Helps reduce heart blockages
  6. Avoid kidney stones
  7. Anti aging
  8. Contains Vitamin B1, B2, and B5 which energizers your body
  9. Anti oxidant

With just two main ingredients the goodness and benefits are beyond what one could imagine.